Análisis y diagnósticos seguros para e-Health

Cloud Computing is a very promising platform for the outsourcing of eHealth systems, both for collaborative analysis and for remote diagnosis; nevertheless, in order to benefit from the advantages that Cloud can bring to eHealth systems, it is a must that Cloud meets their privacy requirements. CloudSEEP proposes a privacy-preserving Cloud architecture grounded upon the use and development of suitable SPED (Signal Processing in the Encrypted Domain) techniques. The proposed architecture solves the privacy issues and enables an automated management of access control and processing privileges over sensitive information outsourced to it.

CloudSEEP Secure eHealth Architecture

CloudSEEP service architecture that can be integrated on top of current Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), through the inclusion of a middleware layer in both the client and the cloud provider. This middleware layer comprises three essential components: in the client side, an interoperability module, and in the server side, a secure storage module and a secure virtual processor. The secure virtual processor is in charge of the execution of the needed calculations on private data, stored in a suitable encrypted form at the secure storage module. The eHealth algorithms for analysis and diagnosis are translated by the processor into secure encrypted primitives that work on encrypted data, and they are executed within the cloud without accessing the clear-text value of these data. At the client side, the interoperability module keeps the needed keys, used for decrypting the obtained results and for interacting with the secure processor during the execution of the algorithms.